My Top 5 Breakout Sessions to see at VMware Explore Europe 2022

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In a recent post, I detailed the VMware Explore US 2022 Content Catalog and picked out the top 10 sessions I would attend.

This post is specific to the top 5 VMware Explore Europe sessions breakout sessions I have picked out. For each session I detail a link to the session, the speaker(s), the excerpt and finally why I would see that session.

Extreme Performance Series: Performance Best Practices [CEIB1624EURD]

Content Catalog Link: CEIB1624EURD


Are users complaining of poor application performance? Demanding more resources to compensate? Do you know where to start looking for issues? Are you confident you have the right configuration in place? Attend this breakout session, delivered by VMware’s most experienced performance gurus, to answer these questions and more. This session will explain the most important performance practices that need to be applied across the stack, from application to hardware. Based on real customer case studies, the goal of this session is to empower you to identify the most common performance issues and remediate them by applying best practices. Leave with the tools, methodologies, configurations, and confidence you can provide maximum performance to all your users and their applications.


You have invested a lot of money, time and energy into your vSphere environment, so why wouldn’t you want it to perform to the best it could? This session looks like it can give you recommendations to get the best performance, but also troubleshoot when you are having performance issues. I will 100% be watching is session back.

Project Monterey Behind the Scenes: A Technical Deep Dive [CEIB1576EUR]

Content Catalog Link: CEIB1576EUR


In this session, we will explore how Project Monterey offloads traffic to the data processing unit (DPU), allowing for additional workload resources, Zero Trust security, as well as enhanced performance. But what goes on behind the scenes that allows Project Monterey to be so good at enhanced performance? Is it just adding a DPU? Join this session to find the answer and more technical nuggets to help you see the power of DPUs with Project Monterey.


DPUs are an exciting development in the vSphere ecosystem. Basically ESXi can offload work such as NSX firewalling, security scanning, etc away from the host CPU to free up resources for your workloads. Like all innovations it seems like it might not be relevant to you but I can see DPUs becoming common in servers in the future. Get ahead of the curve and learn about DPUs in this session.

Reduce IT Downtime and Maximize Productivity with Proactive Intelligence [CMB2525EUR]

Content Catalog Link: CMB2525EUR


Join a VMware Skyline customer to learn tips and tricks for avoiding IT issues and maximizing productivity with VMware Skyline proactive intelligence. Our customer will share how they’re using VMware Skyline to keep their environment stable and healthy, optimize lifecycle management, and automate key tasks. With VMware Skyline as a member of their team, our customer uses the time they save fixing problems to focus on business priorities.

VMware Skyline is a great tool available for all customers that have a valid support contract. It actively monitors your environment and alerts you to issues and more impotently potential issues. Imagine being alerted on a problem before it escalates. If you do need to open a support case VMware Skyline can take care of the hassle of uploading the necessary logs to GSS. This is a must have tools so attend this session to learn what it can do for you.

Technical Overview of vSAN 8 and vSAN Express Storage Architecture [CEIB2172EUR]

Content Catalog Link: CEIB2172EUR


Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) powered by VMware vSAN 8 with vSAN Express Storage Architecture enhances performance, efficiency, data protection, and management of vSAN running on the latest NVMe storage devices. You will get a detailed explanation of the features and benefits of vSAN’s next-generation architecture that delivers lower TCO, improved space efficiency, RAID-5/6 at the performance of RAID-1, higher availability, and better data protection with native snapshots.


vSAN has come a long way since it was released. I think it’s fair to say it had some growing pains, but is now a stable, performant, and useful storage platform. More features are added with each release and vSAN 8 is a big one. In particular the vSAN Express Storage Architecture is a leap in the capabilities of vSAN. Part of ESA is getting RAID5/6 space efficiency with RAID1 performance. Amazing!

vSphere+: Bringing Cloud Benefits to On-Premises [CEIB1820EUR]

Content Catalog Link: CEIB1820EUR


vSphere+ is the next evolution of vSphere, a multi-cloud workload platform that brings the benefits of the cloud to on-premises. vSphere+ combines industry-leading virtualization technology, an enterprise-ready Kubernetes environment, and high-value cloud services to transform existing on-prem deployments into a SaaS-enabled infrastructure. Interested to know all about vSphere+, the customer challenges addressed and how it can future-proof your environment? Then this is the session to attend.


One of the reasons Cloud has become such an important part of the IT landscape is that it is easy to consume infrastructure and services. On-premises needs to catch up in providing and easy to consume platform for operations and developers. vSphere+ is being postilioned as a way to provide those services.

Advanced Troubleshooting of ESXi Server 7.x for vSphere Gurus [CXS2145EUR]

Content Catalog Link: CXS2145EUR


With ESXi Server forming the base foundation for your VMware multi-cloud environment, are you interested to ensure that your Day 2 operations are made easy and stabilized? As ESXi Server has evolved, our tools and managing techniques have transformed. Gain a deep dive understanding on what is new with ESXi Architecture, Management, Storage, Networking and troubleshooting some of the most common issues. Come and hear from the experts on some of the common problems identified and the ways to mitigate them. We will also discuss on how we can generalize our troubleshooting approaches for other products and services within vSphere and an introduction to VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics (SHD).


When it hits the fan troubleshooting and diagnosing performance issues in your VMware environment is a vital skill. This sessions looks like it would give a great grounding in the techniques to help you, which in stressful situations would reap dividends. If you are hands on with vSphere, attend this session.

Wrap Up

I am sure you will find something in this list that appeals to you, and if not spend some time browsing the Content Catalog to find what interests you. With almost 500 sessions I guarantee you will. What are your must see sessions? I’d love to know in case I’m missing something good.

In my next post I will focus on my must see VMware {code} sessions at VMware Explore Europe 2022.