VMworld 2021

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It’s that time of year again when the buzz of VMworld is starting to build. Once again because of COVID-19 it is an online event only so no trips to San Francisco or Barcelona.

The event is due to run from 5th to 7th October 2021 and will be available in easy to attend time zones:

  • AMERICAS October 5 – 6, 2021
  • ASIA PACIFIC October 6 – 7, 2021
  • EMEA October 6 – 7, 2021

In this post I will cover how to attend, cost of attendance, the tracks, and other general information.

How to Attend

Similar to last year there are two options for attendance. A free General Pass and a paid for Tech+ Pass for $299. What is the difference between the passes? From the VMworld website:

Benefits and Features General Pass Tech+ Pass
Cost Free $299
General Session * *
Solution Keynotes * *
Breakout Sessions * *
Demo Zones * *
Hands-on Labs Interactive Simulations * *
Hands-on Labs Guided Workshops   *
Meet the Experts   *
Tech+ Tutorials   *
VMware Odyssey™by Hands-on Labs Challenge   *
Exam Guide Reviews   *
1:1 Consultations with Global Support   *

Please look at the site linked above for more information on each line in the table.

Bonus Tip: VMUG Advantage members can save $25 on the Tech+ Pass

You can register here now. The previous separate VMworld.com account has been retired so use your VMware.com account to register.

Sessions Overview

The bulk of VMworld content is made up of Sessions. There are 10 different types of sessions, some available using the General pass, others with Tech+. General session types are:

  • General Session: Updates from VMware leadership
  • Breakout Sessions: These are the sessions which make up the bulk of content
  • Hands-on Labs Interactive Simulations: The ‘traditional’ HoL

Tech+ Session Types:

  • Hands-on Labs Guided Workshops: HoL labs led by VMware experts
  • Meet the Experts: Small groups where you can get an 15 minute session and then go deep diving with questions
  • Tech+ Tutorial: 60 minute sessions at Level 300 to really go deep on a technology
  • VMware Odyssey™ by Hands-on Labs Challenge: Competition in Labs to win prizes
  • Exam Guide Reviews: 60 minute sessions designed to help you pass your next VMware exam
  • 1:1 Consultations with Global Support: 30 minute conversation with VMware Global Support experts

Breakout Sessions

As I said above the Breakout Sessions are the heart of VMworld. These will be three types of Breakout Sessions available:

  • 20-minute pre-recorded sessions broadcast on VMworld channels with live Q&A
  • 25-minute live sessions offered via Zoom webinars
  • 45–60-minute pre-recorded sessions available on demand throughout the conference

Last year I really enjoyed the live Zoom based sessions so look out for those.

The Breakout Sessions are broadly broken down in to eight tracks:

All sessions are published in the Content Catalog. You can filter down to the sessions that interest you by things like Track, Level, Type, Product, etc. Usually around September the Session Builder will go live so you can plan out your days attending VMworld.

My Session Recommendations

Looking at the Content Catalog these are the top 10 sessions I would recommend:

  • Build and Publish a PowerShell Module to the PowerShell Gallery [CODE2756]
  • Extreme Performance Series: Performance Best Practices [MCL1635]
  • Always Available Infrastructure in vSphere - Design Studio [UX2501]
  • 10 Things You Need to Know About Project Monterey [MCL1833]
  • Automation Showdown: Imperative vs Declarative [CODE2786]
  • Deep Dive: Treating Security Like a Product [APP1436]
  • DevSecOps for Infrastructure – Adopting DevOps Practices for vSphere Admins [APP1842]
  • Introduction to Kubernetes for the vSphere Admin [APP2183]
  • Live Coding: Terraforming Your vSphere Environment [CODE2755]
  • Place Your Cluster in a Desired State [CODE2752]

VMware {code}

In 2020 a new VMware conference from VMware {code} was launched. I blogged about it in the post VMware {code} Connect 2020. This year instead of it being a separate event, the sessions are now part of VMworld.

I really enjoyed {code} Connect last year so glad it is back. Currently there are 35 sessions listed and can be found in the Content Catalog by searching under Session Type and then choosing VMware {code}. This is a direct link to the Content Catalog with the filter applied.

Wrap Up

Look we all know VMworld or any event isn’t the same online instead of in-person but it’s the world we live in just now. VMware this year will be offering a platform on Slack to let attendees chat and network during the event which I think is a great idea.

Make sure you go Register and follow the main VMware social media accounts such as @VMworld, @VMware and VMware {code} on Twitter for further updates.