VMware Learning Zone - Time Limited Offer

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VMware Learning Zone (VLZ) is an online resource from VMware that provides some excellent learning opportunities for VMware product. This post will explain what the site offers and some details of a time limited offer for 12 months of free access.

What is VMware Learning Zone?

With the current COVID-19 situation in person training is not coming back any time soon. VLZ is an online portal that offers many opportunities to learn about their products. The amount of content is very extensive. At the time of this post there are:

  • 1689 Videos
  • 7 Learning Plans
  • 5 Live Labs
  • 140 Past Webinar events
  • 91 Documents

These can be broken down in the following categories:

  • Cloud Platform
  • VMware Cloud
  • Private and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
  • Desktop and Application Virtualization
  • Digital Workspace
  • Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Free Products
  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Network Functions Virtualization
  • Networking and Security
  • Personal Desktop
  • SDDC Platform
  • Storage and Availability
  • Professional Development
  • Other
  • SDDC
  • Tanzu
  • Kubernetes
  • Intrinsic Security

There is something for everyone in that list of topics. As you can see it is right up to date with the latest VMware technologies. Browsing through the lists I can see content for vCloud NFV, NSX-T, Carbon Black, VVOLs, Cloud Foundation, Tanzu, etc.

The content on the course is of high quality. Back in 2017 I posted about doing the Optimize and Scale course on demand. Yes I had issues with it, but they were pretty minor and I learnt a lot from the course. The point is that same content is on VLZ.

What I will find most useful from the content is the Certification Prep topics. There are Certification Exam Prep courses (409 of them) and 24 Certification Courses. This seems to cover up to VCAP level exams so even if you are new to VMware products up to something thinking of the required certifications for VCDX you can get what you need here.

Ordinarily access to all this is offered at two levels. A basic subscription is free but only has these benefits/access:

  • Delivered by VMware Certified Instructors & Experts
  • Troubleshooting, support and other training videos
  • Free eLearning courses
  • Prepares for VMware Certified Associate (VCA) exams

To access everything required a Premium subscription. This costs $1025 per year which might seem a lot compared to such things as Pluralsight. Yes Pluralsight has VMware content, but searching on the keyword ‘vmware’ it returns 56 courses. Only 15 have been released in the last year. Yes Pluralsight has great content, but I VLZ has way more available if VMware is your thing.

Now to the great time limited offer!

VLZ Free for 12 Months

Yes free for 12 months. During VMworld 2020 they extended the previous 6 month offer to an additional 12 months. Read the annoucement here.

As I said this is time limited. You must enroll by 31st October 2020. As I mentioned there was a previous offer of 6 months access in May 2020. Note even if you signed up for this you need to ‘purchase’ (for no cost) the 12 month promotional access. This is for 365 days from the day you sign up. I know of someone that was of the assumption as they had signed up for the previous 6 month deal they would just get an additional 6 months free. I had to explain they had to go to a specific link and sign up for an additional 12 months.

You can grab this amazing offer here.

Wrap Up

If you in any way work with or want to learn more about VMware products this is a no brainer. Sign up now at the link.