Failed the VCAP6-DCV Deploy

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I sat the VCAP6-DCV Deploy exam the other day and unfortunately I failed. Here are my thoughts on the exam.

I was initially pretty annoyed I failed especially as it was by 12 points. After a couple of hours I realised I am not that upset about it (apart from having to pay the exam cost again!). Reflecting on my study strategy I was only doing what I thought I needed to pass the exam. However looking back I realise I really enjoyed learning the nuts and bolts of vSphere, especially things we are not licensed for at work. Now I will be focusing more on really learning the technology and not learning the exam. Now I know what to expect in the exam such as the style of questions I will pass it next time.

So here are my tips if you are facing the exam in no particular order are:

  • The Exam Topics - know EVERYTHING forward and backwards. It really is your bible
  • Time management was the hardest thing for me in the exam. If I had five more minutes this would be a different blog post! If you can do the question in less than 5 minutes do it. If not note it down on the plastic sheet with a couple of words on the question and and move onto the next one
  • Know your esxli commands. I think it would be pretty hard to memorise all of them but know the main ones like the back of your hand
  • Don’t rely on the documentation! It’s useful to have in case you blank on a command but it takes time to search and digest. If you do need it use the Advanced Search function in Adobe Reader:

Adobe Reader Advanced Search Adobe Reader Advanced Search

  • Lab the hell out of everything. This made me miss a couple of questions on vDP and vSphere Replication. I couldn’t get the appliances to deploy on Workstation due to it’s lack of support of OVF properties. I instead just read about them - big mistake
  • Don’t take the Optimize and Scale course the week before the exam like I did. It was too much information while studying at the same time
  • Read the questions - there is extra information provided that is not necessary for a few questions
  • 205 minutes goes very fast! I didn’t pay attention to the clock as much as I should have
  • If you have a VMUG Advantage subscription use it to get 20% off the exam

Finally some guides:

It’s a fair exam and didn’t test me things I didn’t know. If only I had managed my time better… Good luck to anyone taking it!