Scottish VMUG Community Blog

1 minute read

At the recent Scottish VMUG the leaders announced the start of a new resource for the community. Launched is the new Scottish VMUG Community Blog.

This has been created for any member of the Scottish VMUG Community. As people that use the VMware stack we all do things that we may not realise will be useful to others. Issues that we have faced, how we setup new infrastructure, scripts written, etc. Those things can be valuable to the wider community but sometimes the barrier to communicating those lessons is technology.

Frankly not everyone can be bothered running their own blog or content hosting platform. This is where the Community Blog comes in. It is open to all for posting. It can be either a series of posts or one off items. The point is to share all that valuable content.

This is also available to us that already have a blog. The leaders are more than happy for cross posting and a mention of your own site. I have recently cross posted my series on Terraform with vSphere to the community blog and also threw in a link back here.

Blogging is a great way of showing off your knowledge and experience and a great thing to have on your vExpert application. I also think that these days a CV is not enough when looking for a new role. A great way to stand out from the crowd and showcase your talents is blogging, community involvement, GitHub contributions, etc. The Community Blog is a great opportunity for people to show off their knowledge and skills.

To participate please visit the site and use the Contact Us link. A login to Wordpress will be created for you and then you can start blogging.

I look forward to seeing what is shared from you all.