Tech YouTube November 2021

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Back in 2019 I created a blog post on some recommended YouTube Channels. Some have dropped off my list, some are still there, so I thought I’d give an updated list of Channels that are worth a subscription.

Duncan Epping

YouTube Channel: Duncan Epping

Host: Duncan Epping

Duncan is one of the best VMware bloggers out there and has been releasing an accompanying video for some of the posts. If you prefer video over the written word Duncan’s videos are well worth checking out.

John Savill’s Technical Training

YouTube Channel: John Savill’s Technical Training

Host: John Savill

This is a recent addition to my subscription list but I’ve been binging on the DevOps Master Class playlist. The videos he produces are of such high quality he puts some professionals to shame. The content is focussed on Azure, certifications and DevOps and is equal to any other online learning platform.

Microsoft Ignite

YouTube Channel: Microsoft Ignite

I like it when vendors publish the content from conferences on Youtube - no registrations required. The videos from Microsoft Ignite appear on YouTube pretty quickly after the event. If you are in the Microsoft tech stack you will find very useful content on this channel.

Microsoft Mechanics

YouTube Channel: Microsoft Mechanics

This channel hosts content on a regular basis covering topics such as Azure, Windows, Microsoft 365, etc. Each video is under 15 minutes and features demo’s, how-to’s, tips, etc. Easy and quick to consume content.


YouTube Channel: Packetpushers

Hosts: Greg Ferro, Ethan Banks, Drew Conry-Murray, Ned Bellavance, and Scott Lowe

Packetpushers makes up a large part of my podcast listening as I noted in my post Top 10 Tech Podcasts 2021. The accompanying YouTube channel hosts additional content from podcasts and some original content too. It doesn’t just cover networking, but topics such as Cloud, DevOps, careers, Kubernetes, etc. Each video is a bite sized piece of valuable content.

Research Triangle PowerShell Users Group

YouTube Channel: Research Triangle PowerShell Users Group

Hosts: Research Triangle PowerShell Users Group

I stumbled upon this channel through a YouTube recommendation and it was a good one. The videos are recordings of the group meetups and they are always great. Obviously PowerShell focussed but there have been talks on Containers, VS Code, GitHub Actions, careers and lots of others. Content is suitable from beginner level to advanced users.


YouTube Channel: Techielass

Host: Sarah Lean

Scotlands own Sarah has a thriving YouTube channel. Her blog alone is excellent but her YouTube videos are of a very high quality too. I enjoy her Weekly Updates on all things Microsoft and during those she takes the opportunity to showcase Scotland.

My only question is where does she get the time to do all she does across the various platforms she is on and organising the Glasgow Azure User Group!


YouTube Channel: vBarbeque

Hosts: Eric Nielsen and Matt Langguth

Another channel that accompanies a podcast that I listen to every week. I listen to the podcast mostly but if they are broadcasting while I am in front of my computer it’s nice to put names to faces. If you prefer to consume the content via video this is worth following.


YouTube Channel: vBrownbag

One of the first YouTube channels I subscribed to. Community members once a week present amazing technical talks. Some recent ones include a Certified Kubernetes Administrator series, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Terraform (But Were Afraid To Ask), all the VMworld 2021 vBrownbag talks, and lots more. Don’t let the v in the name fool you - content here is not just for the VMware admin.

VMware TAM Lab

YouTube Channel: VMware TAM Lab

Videos from VMware Technical Account Managers provide deep technical VMware content in this channel. With over 100 videos published you can easily find something useful on a range of VMware technologies. I recently enjoyed TAM Lab 094 - Using VMware Workstation as a Lab Environment as that’s how I run my lab. Thanks to all the VMware TAMs out there working on this channel.

VMware {code}

YouTube Channel: VMware {code}

The majority of the videos on the channel are the videos from the last couple of years of the VMware {code} events. I really enjoyed those events and have re-watched some of the sessions a few times. Once again the community have helped produce content to help others in IT. I personally have learnt a lot from the VMware {code} sessions so I’m grateful for them being on YouTube.

Wrap Up

Plenty of options in that list to add to your subscriptions on YouTube. I would recommend them all but if you want to focus on a technology you will be able to find something here too. Do you have any others I may be missing? Let me know on Twitter.