Top 10 Tech Podcasts 2021

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Way back in July 2018 I wrote a blog post on my regular list of podcasts I listen to. The list has changed so in this post I’m going to list my top 10 tech related podcasts. This covers virtualisation, storage, cloud and careers.

Packetpushers - Various


Hosts: Greg Ferro, Ethan Banks, Drew Conry-Murray, Ned Bellavance, and Scott Lowe

This one is a bit of a cheat as Packet Pushers actually produce seven different shows. I personally listen to:

  • Heavy Networking - Mainly Networking technology deep dives
  • Day Two Cloud - What happens after you ‘go cloud’? This podcast covers practical cloud topics
  • The Network Break - Weekly news on vendors, products and announcements
  • Full Stack Journey - Interviews with experts in the IT Community that are, or on the road to, becoming Full Stack Engineers

I’m in particular enjoying Day Two Cloud. It is not just covering cloud concepts but shows have included The Tech Recruiter – Friend Or Foe?, So You Want To Be A Consultant, Bringing Ansible Into A Windows Shop, etc. All of the Packet Pushers episodes are well worth adding to your feed.

VMware Communities Roundtable

Website: VMware Communities Roundtable at Talkshoe

Hosts: Eric Nielsen and Matt Langguth

This is a weekly podcast from VMware so naturally focusses on VMware content. vExpert announcements are usually covered on this podcast too. It’s broadcast at 12:00 Pacific Time every Wednesday and has an active live chat at on the TalkShoe platform. As a bonus It’s also now broadcast live on YouTube as vBarbecue. Essential podcast if VMware is part of your role.

Microsoft Cloud Show

Website: www.microsoftcloudshow

Hosts: Andrew Connell and Chris Johnson

Covering Azure and Office 365 from a developer standpoint the weekly show it’s useful to keep up to date on the Microsoft cloud ecosystem. Even if you are not part of this tech community it’s a good podcast to keep in the loop with Azure and a bonus of Space related chat.

Malicious Life

Website: Malicious Life

Host: Ran Levi

Cyber Security is something that should interest anyone in technology. The podcast covers hacking, viruses, exploits, breaches, crypto, etc. It’s not just educational but entertaining.

Nerd Journey Podcast


Hosts: Nick Korte and John White

John and Nick cover IT career advice, work/life balance, resumes, and other topics. Usually in the form of an interview the guest they have got to speak are excellent. New episodes usually jump right to the top of my playlist. This had only just started back in 2018 but the podcast has become one of my favourites.

Nerd Herd Podcast


Hosts: Greg Knieriemen, Sarah Vela, Amy Lewis, Ed Saipetch

The band got back together! The previous hosts of Speaking in Tech have come back to start a new podcast. It’s like listening to a bunch of friends talk about technology topics such as EV’s, technology giants, app of the week and many other topics. It is now recorded using Clubhouse so if you have the app you can participate in the podcast.

Virtually Speaking Podcast


Hosts: Pete Flecha and John Nicholson

Focusing on storage and availability in the vSphere realm featuring great guests such as William Lam, Frank Denneman, Duncan Epping, etc. Another essential listen if you are involved in any way with VMware products.

Software Defined Talk

Website: Software Defined Talk

Hosts: Brandon Whichard, Michael Coté and Matt Ray

This podcast talks about enterprise software, cloud, Kubernetes, serverless, etc. I always learn something new from this podcast and I really enjoy the banter between the hosts.



Hosts: Richard Campbell

A podcast with a Microsoft-centric viewpoint. Covers Azure, Security, SQL, Office 365, etc. I enjoyed the pandemic series of shows over 2020 into 2021 which had plenty of interesting topics during the crazy times of 2020. RunAsRadio has close to 800 shows published this is another high quality show with excellent guests.

Tech ONTAP Podcast

Website: Tech ONTAP Podcast

Host: Justin Parisi

I’ve recently started using NetApp ONTAP clusters and so wanted to broaden my knowledge of the systems around it. Subscribe if you use NetApp products and want to be kept informed of what is happening at NetApp.

Wrap Up

Some familiar podcasts from the previous post, but sadly some have just dropped off and either have retired or post so infrequently it’s a nice surprise to see an episode pop up in my player. I have found some great new podcasts to make up for it.

Am I missing any ones you recommend? Get in touch using the links on the left.