Podcast List July 2018

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Podcasts seem to be very popular right now. As my step goal is 12,000 a day I spend a lot of time walking and so it’s my ideal time to listen to podcasts. Here is my current list as of July 2018. Hopefully you might fond something useful in there. So here goes, and in no particular order!

Open TechCast

Website: www.opentechcast.com

Hosts: Alex Galbraith, Amit Panchal, Gareth Edwards, Key Johnson and Ather Beg

Open TechCast has been going since August 2016 and is one of my favourite listens. The podcast features a lot of VMware content and general IT news. It’s great to hear a UK flavoured slant on things as most of the podcasts are US based.

Speaking in Tech

Website: Speaking in Tech Twitter

Hosts: Melissa Gurney, Peter Smallbone and Josh Atwell

Long running podcast that gives weekly IT news. Lively chat about what’s happening with regular high quality guests such as Keith Townsend. Another that goes to the top of my queue when an episode is released.

VMware Communities Roundtable

Website: VMware Communities Roundtable at Talkshoe

Hosts: Eric Nielsen and John White

This is a weekly podcast from VMware so naturally focusses on VMware content. vExpert announcements are usually covered on this podcast too. It’s broadcast at 12:00 Pacific Time every Wednesday and has an active live chat at on the TalkShoe platform. It’s also now broadcast live on Facebook. Essential podcast if VMware is part of your role.

Packetpushers - Various

Website: packetpushers.net

Hosts: Greg Ferro, Ethan Banks, Drew Conry-Murray, Chris Wahl, and Scott Lowe

Not one but seven different podcasts under the Packetpushers banner:

  • Weekly Show - Mainly Networking technology deep dives
  • Priority Queue - Another networking channel
  • The Network Break - Weekly news on vendors, products and announcements
  • Briefings in Brief - Short five minute episode with quick summaries of press releases and interesting news bites
  • Datanauts - Infrastructure, DevOps, Cloud, Careers, etc. Deep dives in many interesting topics
  • Full Stack Journey - Interviews with experts in the IT Community that are, or on the road to, becoming Full Stack Engineers
  • The Community Podcast - Podcasts from the community

I particularly enjoy the Datanauts and Full Stack Journey podcasts. Datanauts always teaches me something from the excellent guests even if it’s way outside my realm (Unikernels or Microservices!). I also love that Scott on the Full Stack show always gives you practical, actionable steps to improve your career and knowledge.

The Packetpushers family is always expanding and across the range of podcasts offers extremely high quality content.

RunAs Radio

Website: runasradion.com

Hosts: Richard Campbell

A podcast with a Microsoft-centric viewpoint. Covers Azure, Security, SQL, Office 365, etc. With just under 600 shows published this is another high quality show with excellent guests.

Cloud Spotting

Website: Cloud Spotting at Rackspace

Hosts: Alex Galbraith and Sai Iyer

Serial podcaster Alex Galbraith is back with a new show with the aid of his employer Rackspace. Only five episodes in I have enjoyed each one. They have covered application scaling, security, development, and encryption. Looking forward to more episodes.

ExploreVM Podcast

Website: www.explorevm.com

Hosts: Paul Woodward Jr

Published by community member Paul who is a fellow vExpert there is a leaning towards VMware in his episodes. What I like about the podcast is that he gets community guests we all know and asks some great questions. His passion really shines through. Great work Paul!

Tech Village Podcast

Website: Tech Village on Soundcloud

Hosts: Yadin Porter de León, Lauren Malhoit and Matt Oswalt

With a focus on community and careers the team are filling the hole that Geek Whisperers has left (more on Geek Whisperers below). Some great shows on how to advance your career and expand your skills. Again one that goes to the top of my list.


Website: hasicast.com

Hosts: Nic Jackson and Anubhav Mishra

A new podcast from HashiCorp that covers some pretty advanced topics such as StorageOS and InfluxDB I find it educational and even though I will never use those technologies I like learning new things.

GC On-Demand

Website: podcast.discoposse.com

Hosts: Eric Wright

Hosted by community legend Eric Wright the podcast covers technology, business, community, etc. Eric always gets great community members to cover the topics in great detail.

Microsoft Cloud Show

Website: www.microsoftcloudshow

Hosts: Andrew Connell and Chris Johnson

Covering Azure and Office 365 from a developer standpoint the weekly show it’s useful to keep up to date on the Microsoft cloud ecosystem. AC and CJ are great hosts.

Virtually Speaking Podcast

Website: www.vspeakingpodcast.com

Hosts: Pete Flecha and John Nicholson

Focusing on storage and availability in the VMware environment using great guests such as William Lam, Frank Denneman, Chad Sakac, etc.

Tech Interviews

Website: techstringy.wordpress.com

Hosts: Paul Stringfellow

With a different guest each week Paul dives into all aspect of IT from IoT, HCI, GDPR, Cloud, and many others. 70 episodes in and Paul has kept going with great content.

Nerd Journey Podcast

Website: nerd-journey.com

Hosts: Nick Korte and John White

With a second appearance by John White (also part of the VMware Communities Roundtable) he along with Nick have just started this podcast. With one episode published I really enjoyed it. They plan to cover IT career advice, work/life balance, resumes, and other topics. One to watch!

Special Mention - The Geek Whisperers

Website: geek-whisperers.com

Hosts: John Mark Troyer, Matthew Broberg and Amy Lewis

Gone but not forgotten The Geek Whisperers ended in October 2017 but will be relevant for years to come. Season 1 covered social media in IT but Season 2 focussed on careers. The content was excellent and highly useful for anyone in IT. Go back and listen to the back catalogue, you won’t be disappointed.

Wrap Up

Quite a lengthy list but I hope you find a new gem to add to your podcast list.