Upcoming Glasgow Azure User Group Meeting

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Coming up soon is the second Glasgow Azure User Group meeting scheduled for the 23rd August 2017. The first was an introduction to see if there was any interest, so this is the first with some content. First of all thanks to Sarah Lean (@TechieLass) for kicking this off. If it wasn’t for people like her nothing would happen or it would all be driven by vendors.

Now I am a cloud novice. At work we use Office 365 and that is as far as we are on our cloud journey. As a Microsoft shop I am pretty confident Azure will be in our future. Even if it’s not I always want to be learning something new, so attending will be useful no matter what.

Unfortunately all tickets have been taken, but there is a waitlist. Contact Sarah to get on it. The two topics that will be covered are:

  • Basics of the Azure platform
  • Serverless in Azure

Obviously I am looking forward to the basics talk.

There will be two more meetups this year on the 23rd August and one in December. If you are interested follow GAUG on its website, Twitter, Facebook or sign up for the newsletter.

Hope to see some of you there. Make sure you say hello!