Free Microsoft eBooks

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For the last few years Microsoft have published a list of free eBooks and PDF’s that I have occasionally looked at. A saw on a blog post a few weeks back that it had been updated and thought I would put up a post about it. I am not sure that many people realise it’s there.

The list includes such categories as:

  • Azure
  • BizTalk
  • Cloud
  • Developer
  • Dynamics
  • General
  • Licensing
  • Office
  • PowerBI
  • PowerShell
  • SharePoint
  • SQL Server
  • Surface
  • System Center
  • Virtualization
  • Windows Client
  • Windows Server

In total there are over 300 titles available. There are some great titles such as “Introducing Windows Azure for IT Professionals”, a range of Office Quick Start Guides, “Introducing Microsoft PowerBI”, “Introducing Windows Server 2016”, etc. Some titles are close to 200 pages, some are a one page reference sheet.

I guarantee if you are an IT Pro using Microsoft products you will find something useful here. Even more helpful there is a PowerShell script at the bottom of the page to do a mass download of all the titles.

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