Goodbye Datanauts

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I listen to a lot of podcasts but one of my favourites that always got bumped to the top of my playlist was the Datanauts Podcast. However I was so sad to see Datanauts 173: Goodnight, Datanauts appear. It is the end of the road for the Datanauts.

I want to pay tribute to the hosts and the podcast for all the amazing content they have produced for the community over the years.

The Show

The hosts of the podcast Ethan Banks and Chris Wahl have worked on 173 episodes since 2015 and I will miss their great rapport and banter. They came across as two people you know you could have a great conversation with about IT and Technology whatever your level in the industry.

They covered both hard technology subjects such as Machine Learning and Unikernels to AMA’s to probably my favourite shows career focused topics like Breaking Skill Silos and Certifications.

On topics such as Unikernels (which I know I will never encounter in the wild) if I saw that appear in my podcast feed I would be inclined to delete it without a listen. Not so with Datanauts Show. Ethan and Chris worked very well working with guests to break down the topics to something easily understandable and informative for everyone. I came away for each episode learning something new and worthwhile.

Show Favourites

I could say all 173 shows were a favourite, but some highlights for me are:

Technical Biased:

Career Biased:

I want to give a special shout out to Datanauts 061: Trials & Tribulations Of Technical Blogging. The synposis from the show notes is:

The blog. Originally a shortened form of “web log”, the blog has become a staple of the digital information age. Less formal than an essay, more casual than reporting from a mainstream news organization, the blog is a unique medium for people with a deep interest in a subject to share that interest with others. Today we’re discussing a sub-genre of this medium, the technical blog. Lots of people do it. You could do it too. Is this a good idea? How does one get started? Are there any benefits? We’ll focus on the good, the bad, and the ugly of technical blogging. We’ll talk about processes, content, feedback, and outcomes from spending years raving on our respective blogs, and the risks and rewards of writing things down for other people to read.

This episode really helped me get this blog off the ground with the advice contained in it. I was mulling over starting a blog and this appeared in November 2017, and this blog was launched in January 2018. Coincidence? I think not. If you have or are thinking of starting a blog go listen to that episode.

Wrap Up

Nick Korte (who also produces the excellent Nerd Journey podcast with John White - go subscribe!) also posted his Tribute to the Datanauts. It’s well worth a read.

You may be gone but your shows will live on Datanauts. I plan to go back to the beginning and re-listen to all the shows and know I will pick up even more valuable knowledge the second time around.

I want to say THANK YOU to Ethan, Chris, the guests, and the Packet Pushers team that helped produce this fabulous podcast. Your efforts have been appreciated by not just me, but the wider IT community.

May your server lights blink, your storage spindles spin, and your cables be cleanly managed.