Blogtober 2018: Tech Edition

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Last year Matt Heldstab organised a blogging event called Blogtober Tech Edition 2017. It was a great way for people to blog more and drive some more viewers to their site. I really enjoyed it last year and it led to some other amazing opportunities.

Well it is back for 2018! The details can be accessed at

Blogtober 2017

In 2017 I posted eight posts in October 2017. These were:

The Terraform series led to me doing a vBrownbag session. Only from participating in Blogtober led to such a great opportunity.

As Matt explains in the results post he had 4 times the number of unique visitors he usually had. The numbers for the month for all participants were:

  • Total posts by Blogtober bloggers: 340
  • Total posts by those bloggers in September, perhaps the most prolific blogging month of the year: 206
  • Blogtober Bloggers completing the challenge of 5 posts in October: 41
  • How many countries were represented by Blogtober bloggers? 12
  • How many continents were represented by Blogtober bloggers? 5

Blogtober 2018

So Blogtober is back for 2018. So far there are 36 people signed up to participate. The basic requirement is to post 5 times in October. Once again VMUG have sponsored 3 $100 gift cards for everyone that qualifies. Thanks VMUG!

To enter go to Matt’s post and comment to sign up. All the rules are also listed in the post. So far there are around 50 people that have signed up.

Wrap Up

I feel like I have been in a blogging slump over the summer so this is just the opportunity to get back on track.

Good luck to all the participants. I can’t wait to read the posts.