Q1 Update on 2018 Goals

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Back in January I posted some 2018 Goals and as Q1 has passed, I though I should post an update on how I am doing to keep myself accountable.

Goal 1 - Pass VCAP6-DCV Deploy

Not started studying again for this as I have been too busy with a major project at work. Study starts in May.

Goal 2 - Pass VCAP6-DCV Design

No progress - it’s a stretch goal anyway.

Goal 3 - 20 blog posts in a year

Well on the way for this one. 12 posts so far.

Goal 4 - Present at the Scottish VMUG

Signed up for October meetup to present.

Goal 5 - Attend VMworld 2018

Verbal approval from the IT Director to attend.

Goal 6 - Obtain vExpert 2018

Achievement unlocked!

Goal 7 - Pass MCSA Windows Server 2016

Study in work time starts in May. I have collated a bunch of study material so ready to go.


A short post but I think I am making some progress with one complete and a second well on the way. Once I get past this crazy busy period at work I will start studying and get those exams knocked out.