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Welcome everyone. This is yet another IT blog…

You may have noticed the title. What is Gemba? From Wikipedia:

Genba (現場?, also romanized as gemba) is a Japanese term meaning “the real place.” Japanese detectives call the crime scene gemba, and Japanese TV reporters may refer to themselves as reporting from genba. In business, genba refers to the place where value is created; in manufacturing the genba is the factory floor. It can be any “site” such as a construction site, sales floor or where the service provider interacts directly with the customer.[1] In lean manufacturing, the idea of genba is that the problems are visible, and the best improvement ideas will come from going to the genba. The genba walk, much like Management By Walking Around (MBWA), is an activity that takes management to the front lines to look for waste and opportunities to practice genba kaizen, or practical shop floor improvement.

I work for a company where we have a well ingrained Continuous Improvement culture. Part of my daily work is is to look for incremental improvements to my work that eliminates waste. Eliminating waste leads to time, cost and productivity savings for both you and the organisation. In this blog I will be giving ideas you can use to aid your daily work plus all the usual things IT people blog about such as VMware, Microsoft, tech news, hints and tips, etc.

Thanks for reading.