Blogtober Tech Edition 2017

less than 1 minute read

Matt Heldstab proposed Blogtober for virtualisation community and I have decided to participate. At this point there are 38 people signed up with a mixture of old and new blogs.

What is Blogtober? Basically it a reason to get people to blog more. The rule is simple - post five articles in October. That is it! Simple. I am pretty much posting once a week but this may give this blog more exposure and it will up my post count for the month. It also gives me a reason to follow up on a series I have been thinking about for a while.

I feel I want/need to post more technical content so by participating in this with amazing people from the community such as Rebecca Fitzhugh, Paul Braren, Tim Davis, Paul Woodward Jr., it will prompt me to work on the content.

It’s not too late to participate. Go to the website Blogtober and post in the comments of the page to be added to the blogroll.

I look forward to reading the posts!