VMworld 2020

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VMworld US and Europe is a highlight in the VMware community calendar. However with the current COVID-19 situation the in person events have been cancelled.

However the two events have been combined into one virtual conference anyone can attend. This will run for 48 hours, from 29th September until the 1st October 2020. I will cover how to attend, cost of attendance, the tracks, and other general information.

How to Attend

In person VMworld is usually an expensive proposition. The pass itself is pricey then add on travel and accommodation it’s tough to pay for unless your company pick up the tab. Now it’s online you have two options:

  1. General Pass - Free!
  2. Premier Pass - $299

Yes free! The General pass includes:

  • 7 VMworld tracks
  • 700+ on demand sessions
  • Solutions Exchange
  • Hands-on labs

What does the Premier Pass get you for $299?

  • All of the above in the General Pass
  • Limited capacity sessions
  • Informal round table discussions
  • Hands-on Labs guided by VMware experts
  • 1:1 Consultations with VMware Engineers
  • $100 off VMworld 2021 registration
  • 50% off a VCP certification exam

See here for full details. The Premier Pass looks pretty tempting but places are limited, so be quick if you want to take advantage of it.

The Content

The main content of VMworld are the breakout sessions. The content catalog has been published and the session builder goes live on 1st September. Usually there is a scramble when Session Builder goes live for the in person events as spaces are limited but as this is virtual there is no pressure. Anyone can attend any session. Also note these sessions will be available during these two days, and then after to view like sessions usually are.

The content is broken down into various learning tracks:

As of the publication of this post there are 771 sessions in the catalog. I am sure there is content there that would be useful for everyone.

Browsing through the catalog, I can see plenty of sessions I am immediately interested in viewing. These include:

  • HCP1833 - What’s New with Fusion and Workstation
  • HCP2877 and HCP2878 - Birds of a Feather: Raspberry Pi 4 & ESXi
  • HCP1246 - What’s New with DRS and vMotion in vSphere 7
  • KUB2162 - vSphere with Tanzu 1010 for the vSphere Admin
  • HCP1937 - Simplifying vSphere Lifecycle for Consistency and Easy Updates
  • MAP2419 - Introduction to Infrastructure as Code
  • ETPD2166 - Be a Brand and Not an Employee

Now if there is one session everyone needs to watch it is ETPD2087 - Achieving Happiness: Building Your Brand and Your Career by Amanda Blevins. I saw this session while I was at VMworld 2018 and it was the highlight of the week. The synopsis of the session is:

This session is for everyone. It begins with sharing how to identify happiness for yourself. Then, it moves into aligning career and brand to support your life goals. This session ends with concrete examples of what leadership is, how to be a leader and personal growth in this area. You will leave this session with an increased understanding of shaping your thoughts and behaviour to optimize the opportunities for personal and career happiness.

I was so energised after this session and gave me a lot to think about. I was not the only person that thought this. I have heard multiple people saying it was the best session they have seen at a VMworld. Make sure you watch this.

Keeping Up to Date on VMworld 2020

As VMworld 2020 draws closer expect to see more details and content coming from VMware on what is coming this year. I think as all conferences are going online companies have a real desire to differentiate the experience from just putting videos out on the internet. The best thing about any conference is meeting peers and speaking to the experts. With the Premier Pass they have covered meeting the experts, but for interacting with other attendees I am keen to see what VMware come up with. On the VMworld website they state:

Engage and Interact: Connect with colleagues and meet new friends online, while exploring fresh ideas and insights from thousands of fellow attendees from around the world.

It will be interesting to see what VMware come up with to realize this.

There is a VMworld blog which is publishing new posts pretty frequently. If you use Twitter follow the VMware Events account as this will be tweeting with updates.

Wrap Up

I am personally looking forward to VMworld 2020. I would not have been able to attend in person so appreciate I can attend virtually, especially for no cost. Go and register today.