Update to PowerCLI 6.5.2

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PowerCLI 6.5.2 has been released. As you remember from 6.5.1 onwards, PowerCLI is now available from the PowerShell Gallery. I posted a blog post back in April when it was released explaining how it was installed and some tips to automate that install.

If you are not on 6.5.1 please follow those steps to install that version. It will make your life updating PowerCLI so much easier from now on. No more having to log into the VMware website, finding the download and installing. Simply install and update direct in PowerShell.

So to update to 6.5.2 you simply enter the PowerShell command:

Update-Module VMware.PowerCLI

Answer [Y] if the PowerShell Gallery is not a trusted repository. That’s it! You can confirm by entering the command:

Get-Module VMware.* -ListAvailable

It will return:

PS C:\Users\cwestwater> Get-Module VMware.* -ListAvailable

    Directory: C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules

ModuleType Version    Name                                ExportedCommands
---------- -------    ----                                ----------------
Binary VMware.DeployAutomation             {Add-DeployRule, Add-ProxyServer, Add-ScriptBundle, Copy-D...
Binary VMware.ImageBuilder                 {Add-EsxSoftwareDepot, Add-EsxSoftwarePackage, Compare-Esx...
Manifest VMware.PowerCLI
Manifest VMware.PowerCLI
Binary VMware.VimAutomation.Cis.Core       {Connect-CisServer, Disconnect-CisServer, Get-CisService}
Binary VMware.VimAutomation.Cis.Core       {Connect-CisServer, Disconnect-CisServer, Get-CisService}
Binary VMware.VimAutomation.Cloud          {Add-CIDatastore, Connect-CIServer, Disconnect-CIServer, G...
Manifest VMware.VimAutomation.Common
Binary VMware.VimAutomation.Core           {Add-PassthroughDevice, Add-VirtualSwitchPhysicalNetworkAd...
Binary VMware.VimAutomation.Core           {Add-PassthroughDevice, Add-VirtualSwitchPhysicalNetworkAd...
Binary VMware.VimAutomation.HA             Get-DrmInfo
Binary VMware.VimAutomation.HorizonView    {Connect-HVServer, Disconnect-HVServer}
Binary VMware.VimAutomation.License        Get-LicenseDataManager
Binary VMware.VimAutomation.PCloud         {Connect-PIServer, Disconnect-PIServer, Get-PIComputeInsta...
Manifest VMware.VimAutomation.Sdk            {Get-PSVersion, Get-InstallPath}
Binary VMware.VimAutomation.Srm            {Connect-SrmServer, Disconnect-SrmServer}
Binary VMware.VimAutomation.Storage        {Copy-VDisk, Export-SpbmStoragePolicy, Get-NfsUser, Get-Sp...
Script     1.0        VMware.VimAutomation.StorageUtility Update-VmfsDatastore
Binary VMware.VimAutomation.Vds            {Add-VDSwitchPhysicalNetworkAdapter, Add-VDSwitchVMHost, E...
Binary VMware.VimAutomation.vROps          {Connect-OMServer, Disconnect-OMServer, Get-OMAlert, Get-O...
Binary VMware.VumAutomation                {Add-EntityBaseline, Copy-Patch, Get-Baseline, Get-Complia...

You can see VMware.PowerCLI, VMware.VimAutomation.Cis.Core, and VMware.VimAutomation.Core are all listed as Version 6.5.2.x

Told you it was simple!